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2010-01-23 12:38:02 by TheWierdComicGuy

nothing new in the madness world so I'm pretty bored and have recently gotten into stuff like foamy the squarrel, and stick fights.

There are 3 things I'm waiting for...

1. Metal Tako's second vid, it will be good

2. Madness 6.5, part 2 of madness 5.5

3. Xionic 3, It's 1 of the coolest Madness based flashes ever

Those are (in my opinion) the best Madness things currently, but not really Metal Tako yet, but he'll get there soon,
so I think the third best madness flash currently is Bunny Kill

Bunny Kill is a great flash made by Mottis, where instead of every bodys grafic being all madness it's madness based and shows every one as Bunnys.

So I want to Wish Krinkle, Xionico, Mottis, and Metal Tako good luck!

Madness top


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