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Entry #12

I'm back, but...

2011-10-08 14:08:13 by TheWierdComicGuy

after having some real life issues, im back, but i've lost all my files, and more importantly, my friend Metal Tako has left NG, which was the only way i had to talk to him, so now im here and alone, :(

but do not fret, I will just start over, and expect some flash animations, because i'm ready to animate!

ps, this guy DanTheMan12905 is making a series called: The Stick Crew, and it sounds cool, check him out

I'm back, but...


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2011-10-28 19:15:58

Thats my friend you talkin about, lol


2012-01-10 04:19:09

hey, looks good man! I wanna watch it when it's ready!